Monday, March 28, 2011

Mission Statement

Executive Summary:

I'm a computer guy with a Masters Degree in Information Systems that commonly gets asked good questions but my non-tech friends and family. This is a compilation of my answers to their questions about computers and technology in general. This is NOT "Computers for Dummies" because these are GOOD questions asked by SMART people with careers in non-computer fields. Each blog entry will contain an Executive Summary with a concise answer while the rest of the blog post will have a full explanation.

Full Explanation:

Hi, my name is Will Day and I'm a computer geek. I've always loved playing around with computers and learning how to make them do more and more (or just use more and more of the functionality already built in that most users don't touch). As I went through the business program at the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University, I found myself constantly on my laptop for each class working away at whatever problem had been assigned. Pretty quickly I figure out that I loved having my computer help me solve business problems so instead of getting a business degree with an emphasis in entrepreneurship, marketing, or finance I changed my major to Information Systems.

I've been the tech support for my family for years-decades now and they often ask me whenever they have a tech question including "What computer should I buy? Why won't my printer work? What's a mp3?" and my personal favorite, "I'm having a problem, can you come look at it?" After years of this, most people quickly get frustrated and refuse to keep helping. In fact, a common geek shirt simply states (in classic white text on a black shirt), "No, I will not fix your computer". This has led to a great divide between computer geeks and the average computer user that I'd like to try and bridge.

What will follow is a series of entries on different questions that I either have been asked or wish I was asked. Each entry will be broken up between an Executive Summary and a Full Explanation. While in business school, I had to write reports that went on for pages in many details about a process, idea, or concept but they would always have a short executive summary at the front that could be given to people who charge per hour what I charge per week and don't have the time, experience, or interest to read the full report. They just want a quick overview and trust my conclusions.

I'd like to caveat this whole project now by saying that I do not hold myself out to be an expert. Use my advice at your own risk. I do not work for any consumer software or hardware company and any products listed should be researched and tested before being used any computer system with valuable information.